Who We Are

The Indigenous Resource Network was established in May 2020 to provide a platform for Indigenous workers, business owners and leaders who support Indigenous engagement in the resource sector.

We feel the public debate over resource development in Canada has become polarized and divisive. Yet the majority of people, Indigenous and non, want the same thing: to see environmentally responsible projects that have the consent and involvement of the communities most affected go ahead.

Resource development is incredibly important to Indigenous communities, businesses and workers

  • Self-Determination

    Hundreds of First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities earn own source revenues from resource development on their territories. This reduces dependence on federal transfers and provides us with economic self-determination.
  • Prosperity

    Resource sector companies procure billions of dollars from Indigenous businesses – exponentially more than any other sector or even the federal government - giving us an avenue to generate our own wealth and prosperity. Indigenous owned business are 40 times more likely to be involved in the resource sector than non-Indigenous businesses.

  • Jobs

    The resource sector hires twice as many Indigenous people and pays Indigenous workers twice as much as the average economic sector in Canada. These are good jobs that are close to our own communities, meaning that many of us can earn a good livelihood while staying at home.

We support responsible resource development, whether it be oil & gas, mining, hydro, nuclear, forestry, when it is done to the highest environmental standards and benefits our people. We want to provide a more balanced and informed conversation about Indigenous people and resource development.

We aren’t here to say no to all development, or yes to all development. We are here to support responsible development that benefits Indigenous peoples.