The Indigenous Resource Network advocates for Indigenous entrepreneurs, businesses and workers engaged in the resource development sector.

While we unambiguously support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and its principles, and defend all efforts to protect and expand Indigenous rights, we are also concerned that the federal legislation as written (based on C-262 and new consultation versions, as the current federal legislation to implement UNDRIP is still secret) will negatively impact natural resource development in Canada, and as such the job, contract and ownership prospects for many Indigenous workers and businesses, as well as the opportunity for nations to earn own source revenues.

It is from that perspective that we have written this discussion paper. We call on the federal government and the Indigenous organizations co-developing it to make sure the legislation provides clarity to Indigenous-industry partnerships rather than more confusion.

Download the IRN’s discussion paper, or view images of the PDF below:

IRN – UNDRIP Discussion Paper